British Sailors Freed

British Sailors Freed

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The standoff between Great Britain and Iran has ended peacefully. Negotiations between the two nations has lead to the release of the 15 sailors. The group boarded an airplane and landed in London this afternoon.

Iran captured the sailors 13 days ago. They accused them of being in Iranian waters. There was posturing over whether the 15 would be tried under Iranian law. Cooler heads have prevailed.

On Wednesday, President Ahmadinejad honored the people who captured the British soldiers. Then in a strange twist of events, he made an announcement that the sailors would be freed as a gift for Easter, Passover, and the Prophet Mohammed’s Birthday which all fall within the same period. All the sailors met publicly with the President. All were smiles though details of their treatment were unclear.

The sailors arrived in London at 12:02pm. They then made a journey to Devon. They were then reunited with their family members.

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