Veterinarian Sets Out to Save Dogs From Puppy Mills

Veterinarian Sets Out to Save Dogs From Puppy Mills

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Have you ever heard of the deplorable practice called “puppy mills”? They are business where dogs are breed one litter after another without any care for their health or safety. They are kept in cages their entire life and usually die of overuse. Even if a dog falls sick, they still have to breed.

The puppies are born with a host of health problems (some of it from inbreeding), unbeknownst to the future owner. They sometimes sell to pet stores or over the internet. They can bring big money. The new owners find out very quickly that they’ve cost of buying one of these puppies can double or triple the first month because most of the puppies have serious health problems.

A veterinarian from the San Francisco Bay Area named Helen Hamilton, heard about a dog auction, a “kennel liquidation” in Arkansas. The puppy mill owner died and the family wants no part of the business. There are 300 dogs to be sold. Hamilton has taken in $9000 in donations and is still raising money. She and other local vets will be going to Arkansas in hopes of buying as many dogs as they can afford.

They know that all the dogs they save will need expensive medical treatment. But they don’t care. They will do whatever is necessary to rescue them. They also know that it’s a losing battle because some of the dogs will be bought by other puppy mill owners. They have high hopes though.

I hope she buys them all.

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