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I Won’t Cheat

I Won’t Cheat

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Dale Murphy, former Atlanta Braves outfielder, is inserting himself into the discussion on steroids use. He’s founded the organization “I Won’t Cheat” to tackle the problem.

Murphy see’s cheating permeating American society. The ends justify the means. It doesn’t matter how you get there just as long as you win. It’s a philosophy that spreads from athletes to politicans to business owners. While Murphy knows about the illegality of using steroids or cheating to get your way, he’s attempting to attack the problem from an ethical standpoint. He wants to get to kids before they get to high school to teach them that cheating is wrong no matter what you gain from it.

According to Murphy, by high school, students have already been drawn into the world of steroid, sometimes with their parent’s consent. He recalls a situation where a parent confided to him that his son was a good pitcher, but if he could get the speed on his fastball up to 98 he’d go in the first round of the draft. Pressures like this lead people do cheat rather than do the hard work necessary to meet their goals. According to the website, 1 million high school students are currently taking steroids.

Murphy’s program seems simplistic. The goal is to teach kids that cheating is a choice and then getting them to do what’s right. He also supports lifetime bans for anyone caught using illegal performance enhancing drugs. The consequences have to be high enough that the risk doesn’t seem worth it.

There is already some interested in his program though it’s only being used in Utah. The NBA and MLB have asked about the program. He’s also hearing from parents who are eager to keep there kids off all drugs.

Murphy hopes to take the program nationwide. You can learn more about it at www.iwontcheat.com.

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