Twenty One Dollars a Day

Twenty One Dollars a Day

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Governor Ted Kulongoski is getting a taste of reality. For one week he’s living on $21 for food. That’s the amount that food stamp recipients get a week in the state of Oregon.

Kulongoski set out on his trip to grocery store with someone who receives food stamps. She was there to help him make cost effective choices. He quickly realized that $21 doesn’t go very far. He had to review the prices of everything he purchased. No specialty items, no organic, no junk.

The total came to $21.97. Kulongoski had to give up three items. He came home with 19 items. Of course, Kulongoski knows that at the end of the week he gets to have his organic bananas and fancy soup. But, he knows food stamp recipients have to live like this until their lives improve.

Kulongoski embarked on this week long adventure to raise awareness. That $21 was supposed to feed a family of four. Kulongoski hopes that by showing folks how little food stamp recipients receive, they get the amount increased to something that a family of four can survive on.

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