Lifetime Dream of Finding King Herod’s Tomb May Be Fulfilled

Lifetime Dream of Finding King Herod’s Tomb May Be Fulfilled

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Ehud Netzer has been looking for King Herod’s tomb for decades. He began his work in the 1970s at Herodium, Israel. This is where archaeologists and historians thought they might find King Herod’s tomb.

Three weeks ago, a member of Netzer’s team came across a sarcophagus. The sarcophagus was broken into many pieces. Despite being in pieces, Netzer commented, “It’s a sarcophagus we don’t just see anywhere. It is something very special.”

Their were no inscriptions on the sarcophagus. Further research and exploration will need to be done before they have 100 percent proof that this is King Herod’s tomb. It looks like all evidence points in that direction. Netzer’s 30 years of work may have finally paid off.

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