95 Year Old Gets Her Degree

95 Year Old Gets Her Degree

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Nola Ochs is 95 years old. She’s just got her name in the Guiness Book of World Records. She isn’t the oldest person in the world, but she is the oldest college graduate.

Ochs started taking classes when her husband died back in 1972. She thought going to Community College would take her mind off of things. She took a class here and there, always striving to learn something new. History was her passion.

In 2006, she transferred to Fort Hays State University in Kansas. She needed 30 course hours to earn her degree. She met that goal this year. Ochs earned a degree in general studies with an emphasis in history.

The day will be even more special for the Ochs family. Walking among the “O” surnames at the commencement ceremony will be Alexandra Ochs. She’s 21 and happens to be Nola Ochs granddaughter.

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