Rosslyn Chapel Code May Be Broken

Rosslyn Chapel Code May Be Broken

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Rosslyn Chapel is a 15th century Episcopal church. It’s found in Roslin, Scotland. It took 6 years to build the chapel. The chapel has some mysteries surrounding it. One of those mysteries involves 213 boxes with carvings that spread across the pillars and arches.

Over the centuries, people have attempted to decode the carvings, but none of the solutions seemed satisfying. Recently, a new interpretation of the carvings has emerged. A father and son believe that the carvings represent a musical score.

Thomas Mitchell is a former code breaker for the Royal Air Force. His son, Stuart, is a composer. The two set out to break the code. They believe that it’s based on something called the Chladni patterns.

The two have named the piece the Rosslyn Motet. They’ve even added words from a popular hymns. They’ll be performing it at the chapel in the next few weeks.

Is the mystery solved? Undoubtedly, someone will come up to refute their findings. However, the Mitchell’s appear to have the most plausible answer to date.

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