Bikers Help Children of Fallen Soldiers

Bikers Help Children of Fallen Soldiers

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Last Saturday, about 300 bikers revved up their motorcyles. They rode down B Street in Hayward, California and ended in Livermore at a bar and grill. They weren’t out for a leisurely ride. They came out to promote the “Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund.” All proceeds from their lunch will go to the fund.

Christina Price, of San Lorenzo, organized the biker’s event. She is the wife of an Army Lt. Colonel and the mother of six (two are hers and four are her husbands from a previous marriage). She felt compelled to do something as she feels the death benefit provided by the government doesn’t go far enough especially if the soldier leaves behind more than one child. Her husband is setting out for his fourth tour of duty in the Middle East, so thoughts of what might happen “if” can’t be far from Price’s mind.

The fund was started in 2003 to help the children who lose a parent in service to America. Becky Campbell of Iowa started the fund.

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