WWII Era Bracelet Found in Netherlands

WWII Era Bracelet Found in Netherlands

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In December, Ben Pijls of Roggel, Netherlands, was walking through the Reichswald Forest. His metal detector picked up a silver bracelet. All the bracelet said was “Allan from Florence, Xmas 1942” and a service number.

Pijls set off to see if he could locate the family. He contacted a Canadian website dealing in such matters. The story ran on the news. Maureen Torreiter happened to make note of the service number. Much to her surprise, it was that of her father.

60 years ago, Canadian soldier, Allen Torreiter, was fighting a battle in the same forest in the Netherlands. It was February of 1945. He was driving an ammunition truck along those same woods. The truck was hit with a shell and Torreiter was wounded. Though Torreiter survived his wounds and was welcomed back to civilian life, he died of a heart attack when Maureen was 21.

The History Channel took interest in the story of the lost bracelet. Last Thursday, Maureen left for the Netherlands to reclaim the bracelet complements of the History Channel. They’ll tape the journey for a segment on their show “Ancestors in the Attic”. When she returns home, the bracelet g will sit next in a place of honor next to her parent’s wedding photo.

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