Disabled Pilot Hopes to Fly Again

Disabled Pilot Hopes to Fly Again

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Quincey Carr’s dream of becoming a pilot for a major airline was shattered nine months ago. He was training to be a commercial pilot. Everything changed on August 11, 2006.

Carr went to a barber shop with his girlfriend. A man came in a began flirting with her. He left when she didn’t seem interested. But, he returned with a gun. He began firing shots at Carr as he sat in the barber chair. Even as he fled the shop, the man kept shooting.

The man was caught that same day. He was an ex-convict. He and Carr had never met before.

Carr has spent the last nine months trying to get his life back together. He’s been in physical therapy for months. He may never regain use of his legs.

Carr was a hard working person before the incident. He held down three jobs so he could afford his pilot training. His hard work has not gone unnoticed. Carr could fly again if he had special hand controls for his plane. He can’t afford the $1,000 plus needed, so he has little hope of getting back up in the sky.

That’s where his friends come in. Carr has several of them at the airport and the 1 Stope Air Shop Co-Op. They’ve been collecting money just for that purpose. If all goes as planned, they will hand Carr a check for over $1,000 so that he can have his hand controls. If they do it, Carr will be able to fly again and make a career of it. It may not be the dream he had, but it will still be his dream.

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