No Stopping Anthony Burruto

No Stopping Anthony Burruto

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Anthony Burruto is 12 years old and plays Little League. He’s a first baseman and a pitcher. He’s also an amputee.

Burruto was born with deformed legs. No shinbone in the left leg and not fibula in the right leg. He was just a baby when his lower legs were amputated. At 18 months, he was fitted with his first prosthetics. According to his father, “From that moment on, this kid has not stopped walking.”

Today his artificial legs are made of carbon-fiber and titanium. He goes through a upper body strengthening and training which helps keep him in athletic shape. His coach makes no concessions. Burruto must be able to run to first base on his own in order to play.

Though Burruto doesn’t see himself as special, he’s earned the admiration of everyone in the league. In a day and age, where parents interfere with the game, Burruto cheered by everyone in the stands–even the parents of the opposing team’s players.

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