One Man’s Protest Against High Gas Prices

One Man’s Protest Against High Gas Prices

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We’ve all been angry at the oil companies as gas prices keep rising. But, what about the owners of gas stations? They still earn a mere 8 to 12 cents a gallon sold while the corporations rake in the dough. Owners have to depend on snack sales from their mini-marts. With gas prices sky rocketing people aren’t interesting in sodas and chips.

Harvey Pollack owns a gas station near Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He’s owned the gas station for 4 years but hasn’t turned a profit in over 2 years. He decided to take matters into his own hands this week. On Monday, he announced that his gas station would shut down for 24 hours in protest of high gas prices. On Thursday, the doors were locked and the pumps were turned off. He lost a good $1,500 that day.

Public support was tremendous. Drivers honked their car horns. Others stopped by to say thanks.

Pollack hopes that the protests will catch on. If gas station owners turn off the pumps for a day, maybe it will get the point across to the corporations. Although he lost a good chunk of money, he’d be willing to join a nationwide protest. Just let him know the day.

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