Go Whales Go!

Go Whales Go!

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Thanks to the efforts of many, the Humpback Whales, Delta and Dawn, went on their merry way today.

Things looked dim last week. The whales were not making progress and in some instances they were heading back down the river the wrong way. Their were concerns about their health as their skins was beginning to look poor. The time in fresh water was not doing them any good.

Rescuers tried everything: banging noises, sounds of an Orca attack, and fire hoses. Marine biologists kept track of their health and administered antibiotics to help their wounds heal.

Their efforts finally paid off. On Friday, the mother and baby were looking quite spry. Over the weekend they made it through the Rio Vista bridge which seemed to be their main stumbling block. By Monday, they’d covered miles of water and were heading out towards the Golden Gate Bridge.

The whales were very clever. Before efforts renewed today, the two snuck through the Golden Gate Bridge and out to the ocean while we all were sleeping last night. It is presumed that they are out frolicking with their other whales seen in the area.

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