He is Running for the Troops

He is Running for the Troops

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An unnamed Iraq War Veteran has set out on a unique protest. He is running laps around the State Capitol in Sacramento, California. He is doing it to honor those who have died in the Iraq war and to show the futility of the military operation.

The veteran runs around the Capitol. When the lap is completed he reads the name and biography of one of the soldiers who has died in Iraq. Then he continues on. The protest began on Memorial Day. He’s running 24 hours a day. He’ll stop when he’s read all the names of the dead.

Others have come to join them. Some run with him for a few laps or an hour. They support the veteran in whatever way they can.

The veteran refuses to give his name. He wants all the focus to be on the war dead. He hopes to turn raise awareness of the war, bring an end to the conflict, and shine a spotlight on the government’s treatment of the wounded.

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