Ellis Hits for the Cycle

Ellis Hits for the Cycle

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One of the rarest feats on the baseball field happened last night for the Oakland Athletics. They were playing the Boston Red Sox at the Oakland Coliseum. Second baseman, Mark Ellis, who recently became a father, hit for the cycle.

They say the hardest part of hitting for the cycle is getting a triple. Ellis got that over with in his first at bat. He then hit a home run. All he needed was a double and a single. He got the double next. In a twist of fate, he reached base on an error in his next at bat when Boston’s third baseman made an errant throw to second base.

That might have been the end of it. But, Boston tied the game up and it went into extra innings. Ellis got one more chance to get his single–and he did it!

Maybe he should become a father more often.

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