Baby Saved from Hanging Given to Aunt Temporarily

Baby Saved from Hanging Given to Aunt Temporarily

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On May 29th 2006, Gilberta Estrada could take no more. She set up a wooden rack. Hung her 4 children and then hung herself. The baby clung to life. She found by her mother’s sister who got her to the hospital and saved her.

The 9 month old baby, Evelyn Frayre, has been in foster care since there horrible incident. The court ruled on her case today. Under an agreement made between relatives including her father, Evelyn will stay with her father’s sister, Eva Salas. Her father, Gregorio Frayre Rodriguez, will have weekly visitation rights. Her maternal Aunt, Alejandra Estrada, also has rights to see her two weekends a month. Both Gregorio and Alejandra are petitioning for permanent custody of Evelyn. There was a previous abuse charge against Gregorio which will have to be weighed into it all.

Let’s hope the court does what is right for the baby and she will have a chance at a happy, healthy childhood.

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