Sergeant Gives Life with his Death

Sergeant Gives Life with his Death

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Sgt. Frank Sandoval captured the hearts of many people living in the Bay Area. The 27-year-old was serving in Iraq when he was hit by an explosion in 2005. He lost a part of his skull and had other injuries.

When he came home, he had to go through extensive rehabilitation. For nine months he practiced basic skills like walking and talking.

It was decided that he needed special surgery to insert a flap in his skull. He underwent that surgery recently. The surgery didn’t go well and he was left brain dead.

His parents decided that his death should give life to others. He is being kept alive on a ventilator until seven organs can be harvested. Then the ventilator will be turned off.

He’s left behind a wife and a five-year-old daughter. Due to stories in local newspapers, there has been an outpouring from the public. To date $43,000 has been donated to a trust fund in his honor.

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