Molly Comes Home

Molly Comes Home

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A few weeks ago, Molly, a black Labrador Retriever, set off to go fishing with her owner Doug Harmon and a friend. They were fishing on Chamberlain Lake in Allagash Wilderness Waterway in the state of Maine when their boat capsized. Harmon and his friend drowned. It was assumed that Molly drowned too.

Then something strange happened. People would visit the wilderness and say they’ve seen a black Labrador. So the family set up signs in hopes that this was their dog.

Three weeks after the accident Molly wandered up to the porch of Alaine and Bernadette Sorois in Millinocket. A local resident recognized the dog from the fliers. She informed the Sorois family and then arranged for Molly to go home.

Although they can never bring Doug Harmon back, they at least have his faithful friend Molly.

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