Good Samaritans Help Good Samaritan

Good Samaritans Help Good Samaritan

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Last weekend, ex-convict, Steve Junker, witnessed a hit-and-run accident. A Ford Focus hit a bicyclist. Junkers saw the driver get out of his car, look at the bicyclist, then go back to his car. The driver was going to flee the scene.

Junker yelled at the guy, but he didn’t stop. Junker grabbed the guy by his collar as he got into the front seat. The driver got his door closed then hit the gas. Junker was trapped underneath the car. The woman who was with him screamed for help.

There were other witnesses and they ran to the car to help out. They helped roll the car off of Junker and pulled him out. The driver sped away.

One of the bystanders got in their car and chased the Ford Focus. They drove across the bay from San Francisco to Emeryville. By the time they got to Emeryville, the police had caught up to them and the hit-and-run driver was arrested.

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