Orphan’s Reunited

Orphan’s Reunited

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Lynn Ackinclose, 58, left England 18 years ago. She’s been living in Perth, Australia. She’d been orphaned as a child and didn’t think she’d ever see her siblings again.

James Parry, 61, is the president of the Hudson Coronation Street Appreciation Society. He lives in Canada. He was quite surprised when he was contacted by Lynn’s husband. Her husband is interested in genealogy. He found articles written by James Parry and wondered if it was Lynn’s brother.

Lynn and James’s mother died when they were children. They lived for a time an orphanage in northeast England. At 16 they went their separate ways.

James found their other sister five years ago. He had no idea where Lynn was. Now because of his articles it had a reunion. Two of their sisters are still missing.

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