Yaderlin Jimenez Gets a Break from Homeland Security

Yaderlin Jimenez Gets a Break from Homeland Security

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Yaderlin Hiraldo Jimenez won’t be deported to the Dominican Republic afterall. The Department of Homeland Security has closed her deportation case. This was after Senator John Kerry took up the case and worked on her behalf.

Jimenez came to the US illegally in 2001. She got married to Army Spec. Alex Jimenez in 2004. That’s when the INS found out about her. When Jimenez applied for a green card, a red light went up and deportation proceedings began.

In May 2007, her husband went missing in Iraq. He is one of three soldiers who were kidnapped. One was found dead in a river. The other two are now listed as “missing/captured”. Their whereabouts are unknown.

Showing a little bit of humanity and compassion, the government has dropped her case. They’ve decided to give her a break and allow her to apply for legal status. I think losing her husband is sacrifice enough for her new country.

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