The Chung’s have alot of Friends

The Chung’s have alot of Friends

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The Chung family has found out they have a lot of friends. You may remember that the Chung’s were sued by Judge Roy Pearson $454 million. The family lost a lot of work time and money during this period. In the end, the Chung’s won the case. However, a now owe $100,000 in legal costs.

The American Tort Reform Association decided to help out the Chung’s. They held a fundraiser in which 150 people attended. The pants that caused so much trouble were on display for all to see. They collected $64,000 to help pay for the Chung’s legal costs.

The Chung’s have filed a motion to have Pearson pay their legal fees. If that is successful, the money collected at the fundraiser will be given to charity.

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