A Billionaire Invests in Laptops for Children

A Billionaire Invests in Laptops for Children

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Carlos Slim is worth $53 billion. He’s the second richest man in the world according to Forbes. He could do anything he wants with his money and he probably the does.

Slim is going to take some of that money and help school children in Mexico. He is going to give away 250,000 low-cost computers.

Like a cost about $300 per machine. The first laptops will be handed out to public libraries and then distributed. His costs will roughly be $70 million and that’s just for 2007.

Slim owns Telefones de Mexico, a Mexican telephone company. He hopes to use his influence their to set up a wireless network so all of the children will be able to connect to the inner.

He hopes that by the end though 2008 he will of reached at least a million Mexican children. That’s not the only thing he plans to do. He hopes to build preschools and assist with healthcare in addition to the laptop program.

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