Guatemalan Children Found in Antigua

Guatemalan Children Found in Antigua

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46 children who may have been stolen from their parents in Guatemala were found in a house on the island of Antigua. They ranged from a few days old to three years old. They were going to be used for illegal adoptions.

It’s unclear where the children were going to be sent once adopted. Americans adopted 4,000 Guatemalen children last year alone. Illegal operations abound and it’s pretty cheap to get a Guatemalan child. Since the investigation got underway, the United States has tighted visa regulations for Americans planning to adopt children from Guatemala.

An investigation will determine if the children were stolen from their parents, whether the parents were coerced, or whether they were given freely. Only a handful of the children had the proper documentation needed for adoption. The house they were found in was no registered as an official place of adoption.

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