Rene Lachmann is Baseball’s Ambassador

Rene Lachmann is Baseball’s Ambassador

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Rene Lachmann is the third base coach for the Oakland, A’s. If you’ve ever watched any of their games you seen him on the third-base line given signs.

His signature move comes after each inning. He walks over to the stands, find a child, chats with them, and hands them a baseball. You can see their eyes light up as they grasped their little prize.

Why does he do it? In 1994, baseball was picking up the pieces after the strike. Lachmann felt that he had to do something to improve baseball’s image. So he began handing out baseballs.

13 years later, he still doing it. He feels that every ball he hands out brings in another lifetime fan. If he’s coaching 20 years from now, he’ll probably still be doing it

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