Deep Brain Stimulation Works for Brain Damaged Man

Deep Brain Stimulation Works for Brain Damaged Man

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The medical establishment is excited over the outcome of recent treatment on a brain-damaged man. He’d been brain-damaged for six years. All he had was slight movement in his thumb and his eyes.

Electrodes were inserted into his brain. Over a six-month period electrodes were turned off and on. This is called “deep brain stimulation”. The same treatment was tried on Terri Schiavo but failed.

The patient has regained his ability to speak. Though we can’t initiate conversations he can let his thoughts be known. He replies to questions and can communicate is needs to his family. He is also regained some movement in his hands. Doctors are unsure how much movement he will end up with since his body has atrophied.

Although the man is still fully disabled, his improvements bring renewed hope to other brain-damaged people.

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