That’s One Big Tip!

That’s One Big Tip!

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Jessica Osborne is a waitress at the Pizza Hut in Angola, Indiana. She’s 20 years old and hope some day to complete college and become a photographer.

She had some regular customers including a family who came to Pizza Hut every Friday. In July, the family helped make her college dreams come true. After hearing that Osborne couldn’t afford college tuition they left her a $10,000 tip.

Unbeknownst to Osborne, the family had suffered a tragedy. Their father and daughter were killed and a car accident. They got a huge settlement which a really didn’t know what to do with. Then they learned that their favorite waitress had problems and decided that out of their tragedy they could help another human being.

Osborne has all the necessary books. Now she needs to figure out which school to go to. Thanks to her customers she won’t have to worry about where the money will come from.

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