Knitters Unite

Knitters Unite

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At the San Francisco Community Center, Ann Rubin has been promoting good will througout the world–two knitting needles at a time. She started the program “Afghans for Afghans” which draws together knitters around the world who knit items for the people of Afghanistan.

Rubin used the Internet to promote the project. She asked for volunteers to help knit items to send out. Little did she know she’d get responses from all over the world. The basement at the center is currently filled with 55,000 items that volunteers have sent in.

The items are sent to Rubin at the Center. Aid organization have donated the necessary means of transportation.

Now and then, they get photographs from Afghanistan. The volunteers feel they get more out of the project than the recipient. Seeing the photos makes them realize their small effort has made a stranger very happy.

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