Genarlow Wilson Gets to go Home

Genarlow Wilson Gets to go Home

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In case you haven’t been following this case, Genarlow Wilson has been in jail for having consensual oral sex with his girlfriend. He was 17 and she was 15. His girlfriend didn’t turn him in. It was all captured on videotape and used against him. He was given the stiffest sentence possible…10 years in jail.

Since he was found guilty, Georgia rewrote the law. However, Wilson still sat in jail. He’s been there over two years while his appeals went through the process. He won one appeal over the summer but the state decided not to drop the case.

The Georgia State Supreme Court ruled today that Wilson’s punishment was cruel and unusual. They ordered that he should be released from jail.

Wilson lost his senior year of high school and a chance to go to college. State lawmakers are trying to make up for lost time . They’ve raised $4,000 towards a scholarship fund. Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow/PUSH organization will also donate $5,000. Let’s hope this helps Wilson get pass the injustice of his imprisonment and go forward to the challenges he was meant to experience.

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