Jindal is a First in the United States

Jindal is a First in the United States

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Louisiana held election this week. It has become the first state to elect an Indian American Governor. He’s also the first non-White Governor in Louisiana since Reconstruction. His name is Piyushnaba “Bobby” Jindal.

Jindal was born in the US, but his parents were from India. He’s the youngest Governor in the US right now at 36.He was a member of US House of Representatives.

He ran for Governor in Louisiana in 2004. However, he lost to Kathleen Blanco. Blanco, a Democrat, was pushed over the top with the votes of White Conservatives.

Things have changed in Louisiana since then. Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans and ineptitude was seen from the Federal level on down. Blanco seemed ill prepared to handle the aftermath of the worst natural disaster on American soil.

Jindal ran on an anti-corruption platform. Although there were no specific charges, Louisiana has been stereotyped as a wheeling and dealing government for a long time. He also plans to make New Orleans and it’s people a focal point of his administration.

It’s great to see that Americans from a variety of backgrounds are making their way into Government. It’s one step forward and two steps backward. But, we are making progress!

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