Dog Maul Victim Turns 17

Dog Maul Victim Turns 17

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In June of 2001, Shawn Jones was 10 years old. One day while riding his bike, he was attacked by three pit bulls.

He had the fight of his lying on the operating table. Doctors repaired damage to his head and upper body. Then he spent 11 months in the hospital and went through multiple reconstructive surgeries. After he was released, he had to go through intensive rehabilitation.

Jones faced emotional trauma as well as physical pain. His mother was unemployed and had trouble dealing with stress. Because of this she gave up custody and Jones went to live with an aunt.

His mother regretted her choice especially after she found out that her son had been sent to a boarding school in New York. She went to court and regain custody.

Today Jones is 17. He attends Mt. Diablo high school and lives in Concord, California. He is a brother and cousin also going to the same school. He plays football and wrestling. He has a 3.5 grade-point average.

Because Jones has had to struggle through his experience, he is become a mentor to other children who of the mauled. He talks to them at the same hospital that saved his life.

This quote from his coach, Tony Darone, sums up Jones’s attitude:

“Athletically, he’s really just like any other player. There’s lot of fighting him, and he works hard. He doesn’t feel sorry for yourself for what happened to him. He doesn’t want to be catered to, he wants to be treated just like anybody else, and that’s what we do.

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