From the Taliban to Teaching

From the Taliban to Teaching

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Shavkat Ali was recruited by the Taliban 17 years old. His village in Pakistan was very poor. The Taliban seemed like a way to get out.

Ali trained in Chechnya. He was fighting in Afghanistan in 2001. Up until 9/11, he believed in the cause. Then the two Towers fell and Ali began to question the policies of the Taliban and their links to terrorism.

Ali came to the conclusion that the Koran did not support those ideals. He left the military battles behind and went into teaching.

He now believes education is the key to alleviating the social ills of this country. He focuses on providing a secular education to girls. He firmly believes that females are the future. According to Ali, “these people who are not going to school that’s the basis of terrorism.” Ali Bee Gees if you’ve educate one female, she will demand an education for her children. He is now part of the solution.

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