Kid Donates Skateboards So Others Can Grind

Kid Donates Skateboards So Others Can Grind

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In honor of farmworker and labor leader, Cesar Chavez, organizations have gotten together to build parks in poor neighborhoods. They donated a beautiful skateboard park in Oakland. Only problem–most of the kids in the area don’t have skateboards.

Quentin Favia of San Francisco heard about their plight. When he learned that the kids at Rainbow Recreation Center’s Rainbow Skate Park had to share six skateboards, the 12 year old decided to do something about it.

He had more skateboards than he really needed. He cleaned up 16 of them and made sure they were in good shape. Then he and his family drove over to the recreation center in Oakland where he made his donation.

The regulars were estatic. Instead of getting 30 minutes to ride 6 boards. They now had 22 to spread around.

Favia isn’t done giving. He has several boards that need new trucks. He’s asking for donations of used wheels and trucks. If he gets enough donations, he can rebuild the boards and donate them too.

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