Stem Cell Cure for One Child

Stem Cell Cure for One Child

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It appears that stem cells have affected a cure in 5 year old Nate Liao of a deadly disease. If this is true and the results are replicated, others suffering the rare disease will be able to live normal lives.

Liao was born with a fatal disease knwon as “recessive epidermolysis bullosa”. The body lacks a certain protein necessary to skin development (known as collagen type VII). This missing collegen causes blistering and cuts when just a minor bump is involved. It becomes so severe that the stomach cannot digest food and the person afflicted must bandage their skin at all times.

Stem cells from blood marrow and umbilical cord blood were used in a process known as “circulating stem cells”. The procedure was performed at Columbia University.

Liao’s body now makes collagen type VII. He’s beginning to look and feel like a normal 5 year old.

The medical procedure will be attempted next on a 9 month old baby. Sara Rose from Folsom, CA will be treated and if all goes well, she won’t know the suffering that Nate Liao has known.

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