Guerrilla Gardeners Dig In

Guerrilla Gardeners Dig In

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Some folks have gotten really tired of how slow cities clean up parks, roadways, and other public areas. They’ve taken matters into their one hands.

These rebellious citizens sneak off into the night. They armed with the tools of their trade: shovels, hoes, and buckets. They’ve set off to plant a tree, clean a park, and shovel debris. Everyone’s time is voluntary. All the plants, mulch, dirt, and gardening implements have been donated.

Why all the secrecy? These people are doing work that is not sanctioned by local government. They are doing it without approval and thus, might get in trouble for interfering with local policy.

The movement has been spreading throughout the country. People tired of seeing trash and graffiti litter their communities are taking actions. Although most of this work is illegal, city officials have yet to do more than comment. The public likes to see their parks and streets clean and flowery. Since it cost the city nothing to allow citizens to beautify it, it’s easier to turn a blind eye especially when that eye gets a beautiful, green park as a benefit.

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