Old Rookie Sets Record

Old Rookie Sets Record

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Brad Zeigler, 28, was called up for the first time to play in the show this year for the Oakland A’s.  28 is old for a rookie in baseball.  By that age, they’ve already been on 5 times, or found a new career. So, Zeigler is as surprised as anyone else that he broke a record that has survived 101 years.

On Sunday, Zeigler came in relief of Jeremy Blevins.  Zeigler has been solid all season.  He pitched two innings, allowing two hits, striking out three, and not allowing a run to score.  That last one is the biggee.  Zeigler set the record for most consecutive scoreless innings pitched–27 innings in a row.

That record has held since 1907.  It was held by George McCullen.

Zeigler will be forever immortalized in the Baseball Hall of Fame.  A few tokens from the game will be sent to Cooperstown for the display that will hold show his feat.  In a post game interview Zeigler commented that he never thought he’d hold a record the first year and that he’s happy it’s for doing something good.

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