Children Returned Home Safely

Children Returned Home Safely

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The mother of 6 children kidnapped them from their father’s home Tuesday at about 11pm in San Leandro, California. She was having her regular, supervised visit with the kids. The father left the room for a couple of minutes. When he returned mother, children, and his friend’s van was gone.

Three of the children were diabetic and at least one needed insulin. There was a delay in issuing an Amber Alert because the owner of the van could not be found so they didn’t have a license plate number to go with the van.

By Wednesday lunchtime, the children had been found. Thanks to the Amber Alert system, a couple identified the van at a local shopping center and notified the police. They also took the precaution of blocking the van in with their car so she couldn’t get away.

The couple said they had never paid attention to an Amber Alert before.  For whatever reason, the woman wrote the information down.

These good samaritans helped avert a tragedy and made one father very grateful.

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