Olympics: The Opening Ceremonies

Olympics: The Opening Ceremonies

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Did you watch the opening ceremonies? China did a wonderful job of displaying their culture and heritage and making it entertaining.

I was intrigued by so many things. Each presentation was more awe inspiring than the previous one. The running man (former gymnast, Li Ning) was so cool. I wonder how long he trained so that it looked so smooth?

The entertainment is fine, but I think my favorite part was and always will be the parade of nations. I can’t help but get a tear in my eye for the country that sends one athlete or a repressive nation that is allowing it’s women to compete.

Perhaps the most touching moment of the night was when the little school boy joined Yao Ming as flag bearer. That boy survived the devastating earthquake this year. He was in one of the schools that collapsed. He saved two class mates because he was a hall monitor and “that’s what hall monitors do”. Yang Ming was big, but the little boy had a bigger heart.

Now it’s off to competition. Hopefully, we’ll see some wonderful displays of athleticism and sportsmanship (sportswomanship, too!) the next two weeks.

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