Olympic Stories: French Gymnast Takes Third

Olympic Stories: French Gymnast Takes Third

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In what may be one of the finest moments that NBC neglected to show a gymnast not considered medal worthy took the bronze medal in the Mens Individual All Around competition.

The cameras and commentary were focused on Yang Wei of China, Kohei Uchimura of Japan, Jonathan Horton of the USA, Alexander Artemov of the USA, and Sergey Khorokhordin of Russia. Though Yang Wei was near perfect, it was a disastrous night for many in the competition. The pommel horse chewed up one gymnast after another. Uchimura was having a terrible start to the competition, but he wasn’t the only one. Falls and slip ups were common this night.

That opened the door for a relatively unknown gymnast, Benoit Caranobe, of France. While his routines weren’t considered as death defying as the other gymnasts, he executed them well. He was in third place after the third round. Fell in ranking in the fourth round. But, major missteps by other gymnasts allowed him to sneak in for the bronze when it was all said and done.

He sat on the side with his coaches, tears streaming down his face. It almost seemed that he would need a medic as he was so shocked to be medal winner.

Too bad NBC missed it. Their focus on who they thought was the best made them pass over the Frenchman. It wasn’t until around the fourth round that they realized he was in medal contention. They missed out on some great drama–and so did we.

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