Olympic Stories: The Women’s Marathon Made Me Cry

Olympic Stories: The Women’s Marathon Made Me Cry

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Doesn’t anyone else have this problem?  The Women’s Marathon makes me cry.

I watched most of the marathon on TV.  For hours we followed Constantina Tomescu as she took a larger and larger lead.  Behind her a group kept pace but at a distance.

Then they came up the city streets.  The Bird’s Nest Stadium was in sight.  Tomescu was the first to make the turn that took her down the road to the stadium.

When Tomescu entered the stadium, I tear rolled down my cheek.  I don’t even know who Tomescu is.  But, to run so far and then to finally make it to that last lap is such an achievement.

After Tomescu, a other runners came in.  After that grueling run, they then had to sprint the final lap to secure their spot on the podium.

But, I didn’t really break down until the woman who had the injury entered the stadium.  To see her running in pain just so she could get across the finish line was truly remarkable.

I don’t really know where they find the strength.  Most of the runners know they won’t be anywhere near the medal ceremony.  Yet, they get out their and run in the rain just for the glory of doing it.  I think that is the real Olympic spirit.

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