Olympic Stories: Dawn Harper Didn’t Believe It Either

Olympic Stories: Dawn Harper Didn’t Believe It Either

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The only name you needed to know in the 100m hurdles was Lolo Jones.  She was the person to beat.  Then Lolo Jones hit the second to last hurdle, lost her footing, and stumbled across the finish line out of metal contention.

Another American cross the finish line first only she didn’t know it.  Dawn Harper ran across the finish line, looked up at the board, then yelled “What?” over and over and over.  Disbelieve was written all over her face.  It wasn’t until another American hurdler came over to tell her she had one the race that it started to sink in.

Harper still couldn’t grasp the magnitude of her win at the press conference for the gold medal winner.  She couldn’t talk and broke down in tears.

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