Olympic Stories: Dara Torres has Class

Olympic Stories: Dara Torres has Class

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If you watched swimming this weekend, you noticed that Dara Torres of the USA was the goodwill ambassador of the swimming venue.  During one of her races this weekend, she should some class and kindness.  One of the racers was missing.  Dara walked over to the officials to explain the situation and to make sure the race was held up until the woman returned.

At issue was her swimsuit.  It ripped, which seems to be common with the new swimsuits everyone is wearing.  Dara wanted to make sure everyone got to race, including the woman from Sweden.  When the swimmer returned, Dara greeted her.  And, then everything got serious.

In the interview afterward, she commented that while they are all competitors in the pool, they are friends outside the pool.  At 41, you could see a little bit of that “Mom” attitude in Dara.  She was just making sure everyone got their chance.

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