Olympic Stories: The Closing Ceremonies

Olympic Stories: The Closing Ceremonies

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What an amazing two weeks it has been!  There was much drama during these Olympics.  Michael Phelps accomplishing what he set out to do and the American relay teams missing their baton passes.  Some unexpected athletes took home gold and some happy souls were thrilled just to compete.

The games came to a close with London rolling out their urban dance number, an aged looking Jimmy Page, and some fun musical numbers.

China outdid itself with a fantastic show.  There was the usual emotion as flags were waved and torches squelched.   The memory tower was the highlight.  How they got all those people to act in unison was beyond comprehension.  It was beautiful though!

It was a fitting end to a wonderful presentation.  Despite the strain of political issues, smog, and other concerns, the games went well.  It’s all about the athletes afterall and the athletes put on an amazing display.

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