History in the Making: Our First African American Presidential Candidate

History in the Making: Our First African American Presidential Candidate

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The Democractic Party took center stage in American history this week.  They held their convention in Denver, Colorado in what was whispered to be an event riddled with tension between the Clinton and Obama camps.

In the end, it was all rumor.  Speeches were given, songs were sung, flags were waved.  In an act of grace, Hillary Clinton walked down the convention floor to the front of the New York delegation.  She put an end to the roll call that tallied up delegates and acclaimed Barack Obama the Democratic Party nominee.  It was a beautiful, if staged, moment.  Clinton proved herself to be of immense character and she will forever be a part of history as the first serious female candidate for President.

But this day was not to be Hillary Clinton’s for more history was at hand.  Barack Obama became the very first non-white non-male candidate for President of a major political party.  To think that Iowa a state that is about 95% white started the ball rolling when he won the state.  What an amazing race it’s been and the nomination is rightfully deserved.

Obama has proven that if you have excellent ideas, intelligence, and state your case to the American people, color doesn’t matter.  Time will tell if America is ready for Obama.  We at least know the Democratic voters are!  That it all happened on the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have a Dream” Speech made it even more special.  Martin Luther King Jr. must be looking down and feeling mighty proud right now.

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