I’m Back

I’m Back

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So, nine days turned into a monthy.  Jeepers!  It’s the Creeper (a Scooby Doo reference).  I can’t believe a month has flown by and it’s almost Halloween.

The weather has been confused.  We’ve dropped to the 50s and then risen to the 80s.  I know the warmer temps are only to deceive us into thing Autumn won’t that be that bad.  LOL  Still, it’s nice to enjoy the few sunny, warm days we have left.

October became a confusing month.  As I sent the dog and cat home, another dog was supposed to come stay with me.  But, that didn’t work out.  A week wasted…ah well!

Then Sierra started showing some symptoms of a possible health problems.  Test this week showed she is fit as a fiddle for a 3 legged, arthritic, cancer surviving, 13 year old dog.

So, I am back and I hope to get some stories up this weekend.  Glad to have you back with me and my blog!

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