Penn State’s New Trading Cards Emphasize Brains

Penn State’s New Trading Cards Emphasize Brains

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Pennsylvania State University, aka Penn State, has decided that the brainy need trading cards too.  Though they’re known for their football prowess, they’ve created a line of trading cards for their researchers and faculty.

The cards come in a 10 card set.  They’re handing them out for free at various school functions–including football games.

The set is the brainchild of school president, Graham Spanier.  The cards are being produced in association with the Penn State Alumni Association.

The cards were first produced last year as a test.  This year the cards are a bit more professional looking. These are the people featured on this years set of cards:

• Richard Alley, glaciology
• Stephen Benkovic, chemistry
• Moses Chan, physics
• Nina Fedoroff, plant genetics
• Russell Marker, chemistry
• Masatoshi Nei, biology
• William Pierce, medicine
• Catharine Ross, nutrition
• James Tumlinson, entomology
• Alan Walker, anthropology

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