Better Late than Never for a Thank You Note

Better Late than Never for a Thank You Note

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My Mom always told me that you should always write a thank you note even if it’s late.  It’s the thought that counts. How about if that thank you note comes 21 years later?

21 years ago, Sgt. Dan Carney helped a stranger.  Alfred Edmond ran out of gas while driving from his home in New Mexico to a job interview in Kansas.  Carney gave him $8 so he could get to the job interview he had been planning to attend.  He then forgot about it.  Edmond has had a guilty conscience ever since.  So, when he came across the note years later, he decided to do something about it.

Last week, Carney received a thank you note and a money order for $8 from Edmond.  Since then the two spoken on the phone.    Carney doesn’t plan to cash the money order, but it sure made his day to know his small deed had not been forgotten!

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