Troubled Youth Get Vision Care

Troubled Youth Get Vision Care

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Optometrist, Dr. Rosie Flores, volunteers at the Alameda County Juvenile Justice Center.  She comes across youth who’ve done poorly in school and then end up in trouble.  One thing she has noticed about many of these kids…they have poor vision and they don’t even know it.

Many of the teenagers get their first eye test after they’ve been arrested.  Some of them were plagued with vision problems that lead to their difficulties in school.  Some can’t read because they can’t see the words on the pages.  When Flores fits them with glasses, they suddenly see what they’ve been missing.

The optometry program is run by volunteers with assistance from the San Leandro (California) Lions Club.  The Club donates close to $20,000 for equipment and glasses.  Lens Crafters donates the glasses and local optometrist donate their time and expertise for testing.

According to a representative of Highland Hospital, 500 teens were tested in 2007.  183 needed glasses.

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