Mother Wright Dies at age 87

Mother Wright Dies at age 87

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The Founder of the Mother Mary Ann Wright Foundation, a tireless advocate who fed the needy, passed away at the age of 87.

The Mother of 9 who left Louisiana and her husband (took the 9 kids with her) in the 1950s.  She worked two jobs so her kids would have food and shelter.  At the age of 63, she had a vision which told her to feed the hungry.  And, that’s just what she did.

At first she used her social security check to pay for food.  She fed needy people in Oakland once a week.  Her actions spread beyond Oakland.  Later she formed the Mother Mary Ann Wright Foundation which fed 450 people a day.

It seems incredibly fitting that the woman dubbed “Mother Wright” would pass away right before Mother’s Day.  She had been Mother to so many for so many years.

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