Lottery Winners Will Make Special Donation

Lottery Winners Will Make Special Donation

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Marin County (California) Sheriff, Brian Cabaud, bought a lottery ticket last Thursday in Mill Valley, CA.  He promised to split his winnings with his girlfriend, Anneliese Hansen, if he won.  That ticket was one of three that won the Mega Millions Jackpot that totalled $227 million on May 1st.  Each ticket is worth $75 million.

The reality of winning the lottery hasn’t sunk in yet.  The couple hasn’t made many plans for the money.   Outside of trip to Disneyland, they’ve only come to one decision.  The two sheriff’s department employees will be making a donation to the fund set up for the four police officers who were slain in Oakland, CA on March 21st.

Cabaud summed it up pretty well, ““All law enforcement is very much like a brotherhood or sisterhood,” he said. “For them to give up everything they had to keep the public safe is something we should never forget.”

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